Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster Wiring Diagram

In this article, you can find Yngwie Malmsteen stratocaster wiring diagram, also the features and specifications of this iconic guitar. These wiring diagram will help guide you through the process of wiring your guitar for optimal performance and tone.

Yngwie Malmsteen Strat Wiring Diagram

yngwie malmsteen stratocaster wiring diagram
fender yngwie malmsteen stratocaster wiring pickguard assembly
yngwie malmsteen strat wiring bridge assembly
yngwie malmsteen stratocaster 3 way switch position wiring diagram

Table Description

10053389000Neck, ’98 Malmsteen, R/W
0053390000Neck, ’98 Malmsteen, M/N
20053684000Tuning Key, (1) Set
0011357000Mounting Screw
30029170000Brass Nut
40010389000String Retainer
0011358000Mounting Screw
50020810000Truss Rod Adjustment Nut
0038467000Truss Rod Adjusting Wrench
60053388xxxBody, ’98 Malmsteen, Solid Paint
70018353000Neck Mounting Plate
0015636000Mounting Screw
80012344000Strap Buttom
0016188000Mounting Screw
90053690000Pickguard, ’98 Malmsteen
0015578000Mounting Screw
100053392000Pickup, Dimarzio YJM (2) w/Mint Green Cover
110054567000Pickup, Dimarzio HS-3 w/Mint Green Cover
0029483000Mounting Screw
0036878000Tubing, Latex Cut
120013446000Control, 250k, Taper
130050666000Control, 250K, Split
0016352000Mounting Hex Nut
0022384000Lock Washer, Intl
140056145000Knob, Volume, Aged White
150056144000Knob, Tone, Aged White, (2)
160053290000Switch, Lever, 3 Position
0015776000Mounting Screw
0053765000Knob, Aged White
170024832000Capacitor, .022uf, (2)
180012869000Solder Lug
0015116000Mounting Screw
190021956000Output Jack
0016352000Mounting Hex Nut
0016436000Lock Washer, Intl
200010280090Jack Ferrule
0015578000Mounting Screw
210019642000Bridge Assembly, Vintage Strat
0016170000Mounting Screw
0019473000Bridge Block
0019656000Mounting Screw
0010272100Claw, Tremolo
0015636000Mounting Screw
0031643000Spring, Claw
0026103000Arm, Tremolo
0019463000Knob, Tremolo
220019470000Bridge Plate
230019280000Bridge Section, (6)
240015693000Intonation Screw, (6)
250019273000Intonation Spring, 5&6
0019281000Intonation Spring, 1-4
260032782000Height Adjustment Screw, 1&6
0016071000Height Adjustment Screw, 2-5
0018531000Height Adjusting Wrench
270012180000Spring, Tremolo Arm
0019649000Back Plate
0015578000Mounting Screw

Body Part Number

Candy Apple Red0053388509
Vintage White0053388541
Sonsic Blue0053388572

About Yngwie Malmsteen & the Stratocaster

One of the most notable aspects of Yngwie Malmsteen’s playing style is his use of the neo-classical metal genre, which combines elements of classical music with heavy metal.

He is considered to be the foremost and most formidable practitioner of the genre, and is credited with practically inventing it singlehandedly. This genre is characterized by its fast and complex guitar playing, and Malmsteen’s use of the Stratocaster guitar is an integral part of this style.

Another notable aspect of the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster is its use of the Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo system. This system allows for more aggressive and expressive playing styles, such as dive-bombs and other extreme vibrato techniques.

This feature is particularly suited for players who want to emulate Malmsteen’s high-energy playing style, and it can also be used to add more depth and dimension to one’s own playing style.

Additionally, the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster is designed with special pickups, the Seymour Duncan YJM Fury single-coil pickups that are specifically voiced for the different positions of the guitar, in order to create a high-performance, responsive set of pickups.

These pickups are designed to provide the high-output, high-treble sound that is characteristic of Malmsteen’s playing, and they play a crucial role in shaping the guitar’s overall sound.

The scalloped fingerboard is another notable feature of the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster. The fingerboard is scalloped, just like Malmsteen’s original, which provides more control along with enhancing the ability to bend and manipulate notes.

This feature is particularly suited for players who want to emulate Malmsteen’s fleet-fingered playing style, and it can also be used to add more precision and control to one’s own playing style.

Finally, the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster was designed in collaboration with Malmsteen and Fender Custom Shop, which refined the design until Malmsteen loved it. This guitar was one of the first official Fender signature instruments, and it’s considered a permanent part of the Custom Artist Collection.