VooDoo Stratocaster Wiring Diagram (Complete)

Are you searching for the Voodoo Stratocaster wiring diagrams? this article is here to provide you with the complete information. Not only will you find the wiring diagrams, but also an overview of the specifications and features of the Voodoo Stratocaster.

The Voodoo Stratocaster is a tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix, known as the “voodoo master” of the guitar world. For years, guitar players have been trying to replicate Hendrix’s iconic sound by putting left-handed necks on their Stratocasters.

However, this only solved half of the equation. The Voodoo Stratocaster takes it to the next level with its completely left-handed string path, creating a unique string tension that sets it apart from other guitars.

VooDoo Stratocaster Wiring Diagram

Here are the wiring diagram for the Voodoo Stratocaster.

VooDoo Stratocaster Wiring Diagram
VooDoo Stratocaster Wiring Diagram
VooDoo Stratocaster Wiring Diagram - pickguard assembly
VooDoo Stratocaster pickguard assembly Diagram
VooDoo Stratocaster Bridge Assembly Diagram
VooDoo Stratocaster Bridge Assembly Diagram
VooDoo Stratocaster wiring diagram - 5 Way Switch Position
VooDoo Stratocaster 5 Way Switch Position
VooDoo Stratocaster wiring diagram - Switch and Function Control
VooDoo Stratocaster Switch and Function Control diagram

Description Table

10053315000Neck, VooDoo Stratocaster, M/N
20050966000Tuning Key, (1) Set
0011357000Mounting Screw
30083675000Bone Nut
40010389000String Retainer
0011358000Mounting Screw
50012252000Truss Rod Adjustment Nut
60053313xxxBody, VooDoo Stratocaster, Solid Color
0055282xxxBody, VooDoo Stratocaster, Sunburst
70051503000Neck Mounting Plate
0015636000Mounting Screw
80012344000Strap Buttom
0016188000Mounting Screw
90053311000Pickguard, VooDoo Strat, White/Black/White
0015578000Mounting Screw
100051507000Pickup Assembly, ’68 Strat, Left Hand (3)
0015776000Mounting Screw
0036481000Tubing, Latex Cut
110013446000Control, 250k, Taper, (3)
0016352000Mounting Hex Nut
0022384000Lock Washer, Intl
120056149000Knob, Volume, Aged White
130056148000Knob, Tone, Aged White, (2)
140053291000Switch, Lever 5 Position
0015776000Mounting Screw
0019554000Knob, Aged White
150051506000Capacitor, .1uf
160021956000Output Jack
0016352000Mounting Hex Nut
0016436000Lock Washer, Intl
170010280090Jack Ferrule
0015578000Mounting Screw
180019642000Bridge Assembly, Vintage Strat
0016170000Mounting Screw
0019473000Bridge Block
0019656000Mounting Screw
0010272100Claw, Tremolo
0015636000Mounting Screw
0031643000Spring, Claw
0019652040Arm, Tremolo
0019463000Knob, Tremolo
190019470000Bridge Plate
200019280000Bridge Section, (6)
210015693000Intonation Screw, (6)
0019273000Intonation Spring, 5&6
0019281000Intonation Spring, 1-4
220032782000Height Adjustment Screw, 1&6
0016071000Height Adjustment Screw, 2-5
0018531000Height Adjusting Wrench
230012180000Spring, Tremolo
240019649000Back Plate, Tremolo, White
0015578000Mounting Screw

Body Part Number :

  • 0055282500 : 3 Color Sunburst
  • 0053313505 : Olympic White
  • 0053313506 : Black

About The Fender Voodoo Stratocaster

The Fender Voodoo Stratocaster was a popular guitar series that was produced as a tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. With its unique features and sleek design, the Voodoo Stratocaster has become a sought-after instrument for guitar enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Starting with the body, the Voodoo Stratocaster is made from alder, with a polyurethane finish that gives it a smooth and glossy look. The body shape is the classic Stratocaster style, with a maple neck and either a rosewood or maple fingerboard. The fingerboard has a radius of 9.5 inches and 21 medium jumbo frets, with either black dots (for the maple cap) or white dots (for the rosewood fingerboard). The truss rod is vintage-style, and the nut width is 1.650 inches.

The headstock of the Voodoo Stratocaster is a reverse large headstock, with a transition logo and decals that include “STRATOCASTER”, “WITH SYNCHRONIZED TREMOLO”, “ORIGINAL Contour Body”. The back of the headstock features the serial number, “TN”, and “MADE IN U.S.A.”

The electronics of the Voodoo Stratocaster are top-notch, with vintage-style pickups for the bridge, middle, and neck positions. The pickups have reverse-staggered pole pieces and are angled for optimal sound. The controls include a master volume and two tone knobs, and the switching is a 5-position blade. The configuration is SSS.

The hardware on the Voodoo Stratocaster is top-quality, with a “Original” Synchronized Tremolo bridge and vintage style saddles. The tuning machines are Fender/Schaller Vintage “F”, and the hardware finish is chrome. The pickguard is white with 11 screws, and the control knobs and switch tip are also white. The neck plate is a 4-bolt Hendrix Engraved Silhouette.

The Voodoo Stratocaster was available in three colors: 3-Color Sunburst, Olympic White, and Black. The strings were .010 – .046, and the guitar came with a saddle height adjustment wrench in .050″ hex. The accessories included a black tolex case with red plush lining.

This is a unique and well-made guitar series that combined classic Fender design with modern electronics and hardware. Whether you’re a collector or a player, the Voodoo Stratocaster is a guitar worth considering.