Why Is The Jeep Rubicon So Expensive? Read the Answer here

Due to their versatile capabilities, the Jeep Rubicons are a popular vehicle. These are capable of handling different terrains, and they feature Dana 44 axles, four-wheel drive, and a gear ratio ideal for rock crawling. These vehicles are also reliable and have a good ride.

Why Is The Jeep Rubicon So Expensive?

The upgraded features of the Jeep Rubicon make it the best choice for off-roading. These include the transfer case, differentials, and tires. Other features, such as disconnectable sway bars, are also included in this vehicle.

Why Is The Jeep Rubicon So Expensive

Jeep Rubicon Features

The high price of the Jeep Rubicon is due to the various features that it comes with. These are designed to make off-roading enjoyable and safe for both the driver and the vehicle.

These are the most notable Jeep Rubicon features:

1. Crawl Ratio

A crawl ratio is simply a calculation comparing the amount of power the wheels produce to the amount of power the engine produces. A good crawl ratio helps make the Jeep Rubicons easier to navigate through various obstacles, such as rocks.

2. Performance Suspension System

The suspension system of the Jeep Rubicon is also better than that of other models. It features a high-pressure monotube and tunable valves, which allow it to absorb vibrations and improve the ride quality while traveling through different terrains.

These components allow the vehicle to operate smoothly even when it’s raining and mud-filled. Functioning fully in other environmental conditions helps make driving easier and safer.

3. Factory Rock Rails

The factory rock rails for the Jeep Rubicon are made of steel and are designed to provide additional protection against various types of obstacles, such as rocks. Although they aren’t intended to provide a primary level of protection, they do a great job protecting the vehicle.

Although after-market rock rails are made of heavier-duty materials, the factory ones are a good starting point. They provide a good level of protection and are ideal for off-roading.

4. Hill Start Assist

While this feature is commonly found in cars, it’s also essential for the owners of the Jeep Rubicon who are planning on taking their vehicle on trips up mountains. When driving on a hill, one must keep their foot on the brake until the car stops.

The Hill Start Assist feature can assist you in shifting your foot to the gas pedal without the vehicle starting to roll back. This feature uses sensors to determine when the car is on an incline.

The software for the Jeep Rubicon can also prevent the vehicle from rolling backward if it’s experiencing a decline. This feature is essential for rock crawling as it can help you get out of a hard-to-reach area.

5. Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect

In larger vehicles, such as the Jeep Rubicon, the front sway bar can also prevent the car from tipping over. This feature, often referred to as an anti-roll mechanism, is designed to keep the tires from leaving the road altogether.

The front sway bar can also be disconnected and reconnected in the vehicle. This feature is helpful for those planning to use the car on regular roads or when going off-roading.

6. Off-Road Ready Tires

The upgraded wheels for the Jeep Rubicon are also designed to improve the vehicle’s off-roading experience. The car uses a 17-inch aluminum wheel rim to enhance its capabilities and comes with 32-inch mud-terrain tires. These tires are equipped with large and deep sidewalls to provide better traction in areas that are prone to experiencing mud.

These tires are also ideal for those not looking to go off-roading but prefer to use the vehicle on regular roads. They can be a good choice for people who live in areas with more gravel-like surfaces or heavy snow.

Is Rubicon better than Sahara?

The Jeep Rubicon is also a good choice for those planning to take passionate off-roading trips. The Jeep Rubicon is a must-have if you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle challenging terrains.

If you’re not planning on taking on rock crawling or off-roading activities, then the Sahara is a better choice. This vehicle is usually used for aesthetic purposes.

Is a Rubicon already lifted?

Although the Jeep Gladiator has a higher ground clearance than the other models, it does not come with pre-lifted components. Some of these include the upgraded wheels for the Jeep Rubicon. These are manufactured by the company known as Mopar.

What does the Rubicon package add?

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon comes with an upgraded version, including an electronic locking differential, 33-inch all-terrain tires, an electronic sway bar, and special off-road shocks.

Is the Rubicon the only Jeep with lockers?

Rubicon is the only Jeep that comes with lockers designed explicitly for low-speed crawling.

About lockers on a Rubicon

The factory-equipped lockers for the Jeep rubicon come with an electric option, which allows them to be operated and deactivated by pushing a button. The electric lockers’ driving characteristics differ from those of automatic lockers.


The Jeep Rubicon is a good choice if you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle challenging terrains. However, you’ll be paying a bit more for the extras that come with this model.