Reference Letter Hong Kong

If you are looking for a reference letter in Hong Kong, it is important to know what it should include and how to write it effectively. A reference letter is a document that attests to the character, abilities, and achievements of a person who is seeking employment, further education, or any other professional opportunity. It is typically written by someone who knows the person well and can provide an honest assessment of their qualities. In this article, we will provide tips on how to write a great reference letter in Hong Kong, along with examples that you can use as a guide.

Tips for Writing a Reference Letter Hong Kong

When writing a reference letter in Hong Kong, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Start with a greeting: Address the recipient formally, using their appropriate title and last name.
  • Introduce yourself: Briefly explain how you know the person and how long you have known them.
  • Highlight the person’s strengths: Provide specific examples of their skills, accomplishments, and personal qualities that make them a good candidate for the opportunity they are seeking.
  • Be honest: Only include information that you can support with evidence, and avoid exaggerating or embellishing the person’s qualities.
  • End with a positive note: Express your confidence in the person’s abilities and your willingness to recommend them for the opportunity they are seeking.
  • Include your contact information: Provide your name, title, organization, and contact information so that the recipient can follow up with you if needed.

Examples of Reference Letter Hong Kong

Reference Letter for a Job Application

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to recommend Jane Doe for the position of Marketing Manager at your company. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for three years at XYZ Corporation, where she has consistently demonstrated her exceptional marketing skills and leadership abilities.

As the Marketing Director, Jane was responsible for creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns that drove significant revenue growth for our company. Her strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and attention to detail were instrumental in achieving these results. Jane was also a great team player who always went above and beyond to support her colleagues and foster a positive work culture.

I am confident that Jane would be an asset to your company and a valuable addition to your marketing team. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information about Jane’s qualifications and experience.


John Smith

Marketing Director, XYZ Corporation

Reference Letter for Graduate School Application

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to recommend Peter Chan for admission to your MBA program. I have known Peter for four years as his supervisor at ABC Consulting, where he has been a key member of our strategy consulting team.

Peter is an outstanding consultant who has consistently delivered high-quality work for our clients. He has demonstrated exceptional analytical skills, strategic thinking, and communication abilities in his projects, which have involved a wide range of industries and business challenges. Peter has also been a mentor and coach to his junior colleagues, and has contributed significantly to the professional development and growth of our team.

I believe that Peter has the potential to excel in your MBA program and make a significant impact in his future career. He has a strong intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning, and a deep commitment to ethical and socially responsible leadership. I recommend Peter without reservation, and I am available to provide any further information or insight about his qualifications and character.


Emily Wong

Partner, ABC Consulting

Reference Letter for Volunteer Work

Dear Volunteer Coordinator,

I am writing to recommend Alex Lee for a volunteer position at your organization. I have had the pleasure of working with Alex for two years at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, where he has been an active and dedicated volunteer for our pediatric patients.

Alex has demonstrated a genuine care and compassion for the children and their families, and has always gone the extra mile to make their hospital stay more comfortable and enjoyable. He has organized fun activities, games, and crafts that have brought smiles to the faces of our young patients, and has also provided emotional support and encouragement to them and their families.

I highly recommend Alex as a volunteer, and I am confident that he will make a positive contribution to your organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information about Alex’s volunteer experience and qualifications.


Mary Chan

Volunteer Coordinator, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

Reference Letter for Scholarship Application

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to recommend Tiffany Wong for your merit-based scholarship program. I have had the privilege of teaching Tiffany in my English Literature class for the past two years, and I have been consistently impressed by her academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and leadership potential.

Tiffany is a top-performing student who has consistently earned high grades and scores in her class assignments, exams, and extracurricular activities. She has also demonstrated a passion for literature, culture, and social issues, and has actively participated in literary competitions, book clubs, and community service projects related to these topics. Tiffany is also a natural leader who has organized and led various student clubs and events, and has inspired her peers to achieve their best.

I strongly recommend Tiffany for your scholarship program, and I am confident that she will make the most of this opportunity to pursue her academic and personal goals. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information about Tiffany’s academic performance and character.


David Ng

English Literature Teacher, XYZ School

Reference Letter for Immigration Application

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am writing to support the immigration application of my friend and former colleague, Michael Wang, who is seeking to join his family in Canada. I have known Michael for six years as a co-worker at DEF Corporation, where we worked in the IT department.

Michael is a highly skilled and experienced IT professional who has demonstrated outstanding technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities in his job. He has also been a great mentor and coach to his junior colleagues, and has contributed significantly to the growth and success of our department. Michael is also a responsible and law-abiding citizen who has a positive reputation in the community and has not been involved in any legal or ethical issues.

I believe that Michael would make a valuable contribution to the Canadian society and economy, and I strongly support his immigration application. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information about Michael’s work experience and character.


Karen Chen

IT Manager, DEF Corporation

Reference Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Business Partner,

I am writing to recommend ABC Trading Company as a reliable and trustworthy business partner for your import-export operations. Our company, XYZ Manufacturing, has been working with ABC Trading for the past five years, and we have been consistently impressed by their professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to quality.

ABC Trading has a deep understanding of the trading business and the regulatory requirements in different markets, and has been able to provide us with valuable advice and support in our international transactions. They have also demonstrated a strong customer focus and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction and success. We have no doubt that ABC Trading would be a valuable partner for your business, and we highly recommend them.


Henry Wong

General Manager, XYZ Manufacturing

Reference Letter for Rental Application

Dear Landlord,

I am writing to recommend Sarah Lee as a responsible and reliable tenant for your apartment. I have known Sarah for three years as her supervisor at GHI Corporation, where she has been a diligent and hardworking employee.

Sarah is a responsible and trustworthy person who has always paid her bills on time and taken care of her personal and professional obligations. She is also a respectful and considerate individual who values good communication and positive relationships with others. I have no doubt that Sarah would be a great tenant for your apartment, and I strongly recommend her.


Tom Chan

Supervisor, GHI Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a reference letter?

A reference letter should include the writer’s contact information, the recipient’s name and address, a greeting, an introduction, a description of the person’s strengths and abilities, specific examples that support the person’s qualifications, a conclusion, and a complimentary close.

Who can write a reference letter?

A reference letter can be written by anyone who knows the person well and can provide an honest and objective assessment of their character and abilities. This can include employers, colleagues, teachers, mentors, coaches, or community leaders.

How long should a reference letter be?

A reference letter should be one to two pages long, and should provide enough information to support the person’s qualifications and character without being too lengthy or repetitive.

Can I edit the examples provided in this article?

Yes, you can edit and customize the examples provided in this article to fit your specific needs and circumstances. However, make sure to maintain the overall structure and tone of the reference letter, and avoid adding or removing information that is not relevant or accurate.

When should I ask for a reference letter?

You should ask for a reference letter well in advance of the deadline or the opportunity you are seeking, to give the writer enough time to prepare a thoughtful and well-crafted letter. Ideally, you should ask for a reference letter at least two to three weeks before you need it.

Do I need to provide the writer with a template or format for the reference letter?

It is not necessary to provide the writer with a template or format for the reference letter, as long as they follow the basic structure and guidelines for a reference letter. However, you can provide them with any specific information or requirements that the recipient has provided, such as the purpose of the letter or the qualities they are looking for.


Writing a reference letter in Hong Kong can be a valuable and rewarding experience, both for the writer and the recipient. By following the tips and examples provided in this article, you can create a reference letter that effectively presents the person’s strengths and qualifications, and enhances their chances of success in their professional or personal endeavors. Remember to be honest, specific, and professional in your writing, and to always maintain a positive and supportive tone.